bibo freddo

Local artisan gelato in Reno, Nevada

what is gelato?

Gelato is Italian style ice cream.

The main differences between gelato and American ice cream are lower fat content, denser texture, and a warmer serving temperature.

Our gelato starts with an 8% butterfat base of milk, cream, and sugar.  Premium ice creams in the US start with 15% or higher butter fat.  People are often surprised to learn this because they perceive gelato as being “richer” than ice cream.  When freezing gelato, less air is incorporated into the product which creates a velvety mouthfeel.  The combination of fresh ingredients, dense texture, and a warmer serving temperature create an unforgettable experience of flavor. 

Sorbetto is dairy free typically using just fruit, sugar, and water.  Again, the dense texture creates a creamy mouthfeel which makes it hard to believe there is no cream but we swear, there is not!